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Bremen is a city-state located in northern Germany and is one of the countrys smallest states. The city is famous for its rich maritime history and is home to the largest port in Germany. Bremen is also known for its historic architecture and charming old town.

The major industries in Bremen include manufacturing, aerospace, and logistics. The city has a highly skilled workforce and is home to several major employers, including:

  • Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz has a production site in Bremen and is one of the citys largest employers, with around 12,500 employees. The company produces several models of cars, including the C-Class and the GLC.
  • Airbus: Airbus has a major production facility in Bremen, where it produces components for its commercial aircraft. The company employs around 3,000 people in the city.
  • BLG Logistics: BLG Logistics is a major logistics and transportation company and has its headquarters in Bremen. The company operates several terminals at the port of Bremen and employs around 7,000 people in the city.
  • OHB: OHB is a leading European space technology company and has its headquarters in Bremen. The company specializes in developing and producing satellite systems and employs around 2,500 people in the city.

In addition to these major employers, Bremen also has a growing startup scene, with several incubators and accelerators supporting new businesses in various sectors. The city also has a strong academic background, with several universities and research institutes offering opportunities for research and development.

Overall, the job market in Bremen is diverse and offers opportunities in various sectors, including manufacturing, aerospace, and logistics. The citys strategic location and well-connected transport links also make it an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand in the region.

Bremen Germany

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Germany Bremen

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Germany Bremen

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Germany Bremen

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Germany Bremen

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